Saturday, July 5, 2008

How to Shampoo your newly locked hair

  • First: Bundle sections, for x-tra protection braid each section, then tuck end and secure with rubber band. Because I have Seborrheic Dermatitis I bundled really small sections so that I could get as much build up off my scalp as possible.

  • Second: Wet hair thoroughly; moderate to low water pressure. My consultant recommended not to wash my hair under the full force of the shower to prevent slippage

  • Third: Apply Sisterlocks Starter Shampoo directly to scalp around and through each bundle. Now I must say the shampoo does not lather and it did not make my scalp feel clean, Gigi says it's not the lather that cleans but the ingredients in the shampoo. Because of my scalp condition I followed up with a medicated shampoo, but it left my locks feeling harsh but my scalp was clean!!

  • Fourth:Gentle washing motion is in one direction only (scalp to tip).

  • Fifth: Rinse, (re-suds if necessary), towel dry, undo bundles. SEPARATE LOCKS! You should also what we call pop your locks which means your locks have a tendency to want to attach it's self to a neighboring lock so you have to separate them, pop them as often as needed.

After my shampooing, the next day I met with Gigi she made sure I had washed properly and she re tightened my edges, she instructed me not to wash my hair again until the day before my first re-tightning, which is about 4 wks (I hope I can go that long).


Nubian1 said...

Thanks for that clear instruction on how to wash the newly locked hair. Had to change my installation date from next Friday to 2 and 3 of September! For a good cause though. I think the challeng am going to face is going without washing my hair for weeks on end.

Stay blessed and positive.

Kayla said...

What are the ingredients for the Sisterlock Starter Shampoo?? Thank you!